What to do during the winter

The riding season is just about on us and many riders are starting to stir from the holiday haze and starting to think about getting back on their bikes. Here in the mid-west the weather is still less than ideal for outside activities so what can you do to start building a strong foundation for the summer tours.

1. Get up out of your chair.

Start walking at all given chances or doing other activities. I joined a gym and go workout  3 times a week. I will jog and use exercises machines to maintain my training heart rate for 30 to 45 min during these workouts. After my workouts I then go sit in the sauna and relax. Sort of reward myself for getting motivated enough to go to the gym.

Do you have to join a gym to workout?  Nope! Go to the mall and become a mall walker. Or just bundle up and go for a mile or so around home. Do setups in your bedroom. Buy a set of 20 lbs dumb bells and do curls as you watch TV or read. Clean house at a faster pace than normal to get your heart rate up. Park as far away from the grocery store entrance and walk quickly in and out. Just remember you need to be in your target heart rate zone for 30 min. a workout to get benefit from it.

Any activity will do as long as you are moving.

2. Work on strength training.

Twice a week I work on lifting some iron to strengthen my leg muscles and shoulder muscles. This will pay off when I start attacking hills this summer. I also work on my abbs doing set ups and other exercises to help tone up the muscles that will be needed to help me breath as I go up monster Oklahoma hills.

3.  Start getting your gear in order.

This is the perfect time of year to add to your collection of equipment. All the bike shops will have sales and I m sure you can think of some stuff you need. New tube patch kits, wrenches, that new set of wheels you lusted after all summer......

4.  Cut back on the chow.

Yes, me to...........  I have added a little weight this winter but now is the time to gradual start working on cutting back on the calorie intake. That along with an exercise program will give you a head start on the season.

My Weekly Winter Training Schedule

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Off 1 hour on rollers 2 Mile Run
Weights / Whirl Pool
1.5 hours on rollers 2 Mile Run
Weights / Sauna
1 hour on rollers 15 Mile Bike Ride


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