Riding in Bad Weather

Weather is always a concern when on a long tour. Is there any thing you can do about it? Unfortunately, no, there really is not anything you can do. All you can do is get up, pack your wet gear, and ride on. I have been in tornadoes on long evens and rained on about every FreeWheel or BAK I have been on. It is just part of and in a way it is still fun.

When on a long tour we listen to the weather each night so we have an idea of what to pack on the bikes the next day. If rain is predicted we leave our rain gear out of our bags and take it with us. Sometimes, as we all know, the weather guy gets it wrong and at mile 40 of a 75 mile day the heavens open up on us. That is when you look for a connivance store and by a box of trash bags to make rain coats.

When it starts to rain we might find a place to hole up like a store, a filling station, underpass or wherever we can stay dry. However, sometimes it is just going to rain all day so staying put will just not get you to the end. So you slog on. Safety is the important thing to keep in mind. A nice steady pace with close attention to puddles that can be hiding pot holes. Stop frequently and rest but keep moving.

We have awoken to rain many mornings. We get up, packed our gear, and then ride all day in driving rain. We reach camp and unpacked our wet gear and set up in the rain. It is all the part of the adventure and makes for great camp stories!

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