The Terry Liberator Saddle Report
I now have over 2000 miles riding on my new Terry Liberator saddle, and, I have decided that they are better than sliced bread. ALL of the numbness problems I had experience in the past are gone. I didn't have any problems at all on the Oklahoma Freewheel, ether on the hills, or, when using my aro bars. It is comfortable as well as functional and I didn't have to make any butt break stops, or for that matter, even stand on my peddles to "air out" so to speak. I HIGHLY recommend it to any one who has numbness problems.

A recommendation from the female perspective submitted by Tina:

Terry Saddle Report -- The Female's Perspective:
Women have saddle problems just as do men; however, ours are of a bit more
delicate in nature.  Female anatomy was not meant to grind against a hard
saddle for 60+ miles.  Consequently, our soft tissues can become so
sensitive to the touch that showering after a ride is excruciatingly
painful.  I bought my women's Liberator saddle shortly after I started
riding just for that reason.

At first I thought it was a bit hard on the inner panti-line and butt areas,
but after you get accustomed to the dimensions and feel of a new saddle that
wasn't a problem.  Nor, I am happy to announce, was there a problem with my
pink parts.  :)  Since the Liberator is cut out in the center, there was
nothing to rub against those oh so soft tissues.  I have just over 1500
miles on mine and I, too, highly recommend the Liberator!

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