Areo Bars

Many people ask me if areo bars are worth the money. I say YES, if you ride in the wind a lot or out on the flats, they should do a good job for you. I have a set of Profile bars and I really like them. If I am going into a head wind I can get down on the bars and do really well against it. However, there are times NOT to use areo bars. They can be dangerous if used in the wrong conditions.

  1. Never use them when riding in a pace line. They are just too unstable to use so just drop down on the drops and crank.
  2. Don't use them on ruff roads where you have to maneuver quickly. Once again they will cause you to go down .
  3. Never use them on long down hills. I watched a young man fly by me down on his areo bars on one of the Super Down Hills we saw on FreeWheel 99 . He did just fine until we came to a hair pin curve. Needless to say he was a mess after losing it and sliding down the road for about 50 yards.

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