10 Reasons to Ride a Bike
from About.com
  1. Burning calories while enjoying great scenery. If you're on a fast two hour ride in the hills, you might burn 1,200 calories, maybe more.

  2. Exercise doesn't mean looking like a complete fool bouncing up and down to dance club music.

  3. Cycling isn't as hard on the knees like other types of exercise.

  4. Have you ever seen anybody jogging with a smile on their face? You can smile while riding, though you might catch a few bugs too.

  5. The sense of freedom and power was just as exhilarating as ever. Watching the trees roll by... riding up and down hills... all from the power in my own two legs.

  6. Great pick up lines, now that the Tour de France is famous. "Like the bike? It's Lance's..." Dates on cycles are fun too!

  7. It's a lot cheaper than filling your gas tank these days.

  8. When else in your life can you go play in traffic without worrying what your mom would think? (Do be prepared to think fast and ride well.)

  9. Riding your bike to work is cheap, cool, and is a lot of fun.

  10. You look good in Lycra®, so why not show off to everyone?

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